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Are your sales stagnant? Are you looking for more visibility with the Fortune 1000’s but can’t find a way to close the business? Fuel Clearing House is the answer.

imagine three companies are pitching to a fortune 500 and your proposal is all about the benefits of validation, compliance, and accuracy. Your company uses a third party to process your invoices that guarantees the contracted price is correct, and all fuel taxes are accurate to the jurisdiction the fuel was delivered? You also ask them if their bank would be ok with their annual audit being done internally? The answer is no. Without an outside CPA firm performing the audit, the audit is worthless. This is a pretty compelling sales pitch in the mind of the Big Company, so why should fuel be any different? After the Enron scandal and the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX) Act, 2002, your sales pitch will never be more eagerly received. With Fuel Clearing House on your team, success and growth is imminent.

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