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The Fuel Clearing House process will make it easier, quicker, and more efficient to do business with the Fortune 1000 companies. Acceptance of the Fuel Clearing House system is the extra offering needed to close more gallons.

fleet card providers We can help facilitate doing business with the major fleet card providers. FCH can accept a standard electronic file from your ERP system and convert it into the electronic file specification of your particular Fleet Card Provider.

private and for-hire fleets We can help facilitate doing business with the Private and For-Hire Fleets that require you to submit invoices in a special electronic file format. Creating these Customer specific files from your ERP can be expensive to automate and even more expensive if they require manual manipulation. We can facilitate these transactions more efficiently, and for very little upfront expense to you.

price validation Fuel Clearing House will validate your fuel contracts with customers to insure accuracy and instill trust between both parties. When the contract that you have agreed on with the Customer is being validated by an independent third party, it adds credibility to you as a Fuel Supplier. More and more Private and For-Hire Fleets are requiring third party validation of fuel transactions for compliance purposes.

duplicate invoice detection With a Patent Pending process, Fuel Clearing House validates the context and uniqueness of transactions to assure the Fuel Supplier that invoices only get presented to the Customer one time.

truck fleet validation We offer the highest level of assurance that only the customers trucks are being billed by the Fuel Supplier, and those that are not recognized, are being rejected. This feature will assist in giving credibility to a Fuel Supplier that you offer the highest level of fueling transaction accuracy.

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