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The Fuel Clearing House (FCH) network is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide system for processing fuel transactions between Fuel Buyers (Customers) and Fuel Suppliers (Vendors).

the networkThe network can accept most electronic forms of invoice transaction, validate key levels of the fuel contracts, and assist the Customer in interfacing the transaction data to most Accounting Systems. This extremely scalable network allows Customers to launch fuel contract validation across the United States quickly and for little to no hard cost to the Vendor.

more enterprise features Fuel Clearing House Analytics now makes the features that experts demand easy to use for everyone. Gain rich insights into your fuel transactions with custom reporting, charts, scorecards and more.

improve your knowledge of fuel transactions Learn more about your fuel vendors, and which ones carry the highest scorecard rating. Are your locations being overserviced thus driving your fuel costs higher. Are you paying the correct fuel taxes and fees and do your vendors have a strong enough tax compliance department to ensure the rates they are charging are accurate by jurisdiction? Whether you are a fuel buyer or seller, you’ll get the information you need to ensure your company is fuel tax compliant and the contract prices for fuel you should be selling or buying are accurate.

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