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The Fuel Clearing house system is designed for the customer’s fuel procurement department personnel. The FCH processing platform will electronically validate fuel invoices to stop and correct:

  • Duplicate Transactions
  • Unauthorized Assets
  • Inaccurate Taxes
  • Unauthorized Fees and Surcharges
  • Incorrect Pricing

price validation Fuel Clearing House has created an Independent Third Party software application that resides between the Fuel Customer and Supplier to validate fuel taxes, fees, and contract prices at every jurisdiction in the United States. Fuel Clearing House electronically catches and corrects these components before the invoice is presented to the Customer for payment.

duplicate invoice detection With a Patent Pending process, Fuel Clearing House validates the context and uniqueness of transactions to assure the Customer that invoices only get presented for payment one time.

Matching GallonsThrough an easy email exchange an authorized fuel buyer personnel must match and verify delivered to invoiced gallons before transactions can be converted into an “Approved” for payment e-Invoice.

truck fleet validation Fuel Clearing House has a unique approach to validating Customer’s trucks down to where they are domiciled. We offer the highest level of assurance that only your trucks are being billed by the Fuel Supplier and those that are not recognized, are being rejected.

consolidated processing FCH supports and accepts multiple forms of interface files from Fuel Suppliers, which we convert into your file specification, powering the most efficient Consolidated Processing Platform in the U.S.

analytics We offer standard and custom analytics based off all your transactions that will help drive fuel buying efficiencies and cost savings.

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